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About Clayton-Mefford Dental

When you become a patient in our practice we are thankful for the trust you place in our abilities. The dentist-patient connection is one that is ultimately built on trust. We will never take that for granted.

Dr. Clayton and Dr. Mefford have committed themselves and their highly trained team to excellence in dentistry. We offer a wide array of services, from general dentistry to aesthetic makeovers.

You will find that our style tends to be more relaxed. We enjoy getting to know our patients. Its no secret that dentistry can create a lot of anxiety. We have created a place where you can go and get your dental work done in a low stress environment.

Serving both Memphis and Germantown, we are proud to have patients in our practice that have trusted our care for over 30 years. We would be honored if you selected our team to care for your healthy, beautiful smile.

We're proud to have patients in our practice who have trusted our care for over 40 years.