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Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

Plain and simply put cosmetic teeth whitening is the quickest and most simple way to brighten your smile.  When considering all that we do to our teeth, it’s no surprise that they turn darker and darker with each passing year.  Why not consider reversing those years of staining and discoloration with a simple and easy procedure, Cosmetic Teeth Whitening. 

We have different techniques for applying the bleaching gel to your teeth.  If you are interested schedule an appointment to discuss your options with Dr. Clayton and Dr. Mefford.  We offer in office bleaching as well as take-home options for you to consider.  Take the time to take care of a problem that can give you the confidence to smile more often!

Whiter Image

We offer an exciting product that has revolutionized teeth whitening. Whiter Image is a leader in the teeth whitening industry and is best known for its innovative products that are designed to deliver maximum results combined with comfort and safety. From our teeth whitening pens, home teeth whitening products, tanning teeth whitening products and top selling Chic-Flic whitening and lip gloss plumper in one, consumers everywhere are reaping the benefits of beautiful, more vibrant smiles with teeth whitening products that don’t break the bank. Learn more about all of our great professional-grade teeth whitening products for men and women.

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