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Our Technologies

Clayton Mefford Dental has the latest in dental technology so that our patients can experience excellent dental service. We also uphold a relaxed and calm environment to ensure our patients comfort.

E4D Technologies

The Planmeca CAD/CAM Solution, driven by E4D Technologies, breaks down all the barriers to same-day dentistry. In fact, when you look at the benefits, the question is why all practices don't take advantage of this innovative digital technology.

A radically improved experience for your patients means radically improved word of mouth for your practice. No traditional impressions or powders mean a more comfortable visit.

Crown and Bridge are key components of your practice. Enhance your offerings by streamlining the process from a matter of weeks to a matter of hours. You'll not only improve workflow, you'll increase your profitability.

The PlanScan System puts you in complete control of your designs and leaves nothing to chance. The Planmeca PlanMill 40 allows you to create precisely what you design – every time. And with advanced materials such as IPS e.max™, Lava™ Ultimate, Telio™ CAD, and Zirlux™ FC Zirconia, you can have confidence in the fit, durability and aesthetics of your restorations.

Digital X-Rays

We can capture radiographic images with a digital sensor.  The amount of radiation required to take the radiograph is significantly reduced, so less exposure for you.  These images are acquired immediately and are large enough for you to see what we see on the computer screen.

Waterlase Dental Laser

This is a great tool.  In some cases we can do certain procedures without any local anesthesia.  View this link for more information:

We're proud to have patients in our practice who have trusted our care for over 40 years.