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Same Day Crowns

Traditionally a crown was the type of restoration that took two visits to finish.  The two appointments were spread out over a two-week time period during which the patient would wear a temporary crown.  

We now have the ability to make your crown on the same day.  We can make a three-dimensional scan of your tooth with a small camera.  Using cad-cam technology we can mill your all porcelain esthetic crown within minutes of preparing your tooth.  Before you know it you are walking out of the office with the final crown placed and you do not have to return.

We see this as a way to provide a great service to our patients.  Because your time is valuable we see the need to minimize the time it takes to get your dental care completed.  

The added bonus is that this type of technology is extremely accurate.  The crowns that are made using this technology fit very well and the quality is outstanding.  

If you need a crown but don’t have the time to devote two separate appointments to get it done, give our offices a call today.

The highest compliment anyone could give us is your referrals to friends and family!