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Six Month Smile

Did you know that you can wear braces for six months and still get the results you want? With the Six Month Smiles, treatment time with braces takes only six months to complete! At Clayton Mefford Dental we provide this new, revolutionary approach to teeth straightening. You get straight teeth in less time; you will be smiling with perfectly straight teeth before you know it. A smile looks good on everyone so you must put it on every day the same way you wear clothes and shoes.

There are many reasons why you should opt for the Six Month Smiles. In addition to less treatment time, you wear clear braces that will hardly be noticed. Gone are the days when the only braces available are the train-track metal types. With new developments in orthodontics, you have every reason to smile while in treatment because the braces are less obvious. Six Month Smiles are definitely the fast, convenient, more appealing solution to teeth straightening.

Our talented dentists, Doctors Clayton and Mefford, are thrilled to offer the Six Month Smiles because they believe in this product. Six Month Smiles combines modern materials with proven orthodontic techniques to give you an effective, safe, and affordable way to straighten your teeth. Six Month Smiles applies a gentle yet effective force to align the teeth in just six months.

Preparing for a big event like a wedding, high school reunion or birthday party? Six Month Smiles is the best choice to achieve straight teeth fast. Schedule an appointment today and let us show you what the Six Month Smiles can do. Dr. Clayton and Dr. Mefford look forward to giving you straight teeth and providing excellent, quality dental care in Memphis, TN.  

We're proud to have patients in our practice who have trusted our care for over 40 years.